Thursday, January 31, 2013

Animal Stak: Get Jacked Review.

I really like the Animal Brand. They make quality workout supplements. Like Animal Stak: Hard Gainers.

Funny story: 
After finishing my first 21 days cycle of Animal Stak: Hard Gainers, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe for a second bottle. But I accidentally grabbed Animal Stak: Get Jacked! I found out about this after I opened the Animal Stak: Get Jacked bottle and got different color pills. I really wanted to try a second cycle of Animal Stak: Hard Gainers.

My first thoughts about Animal Stak: Get Jacked were negative. I didn't get that extra energy while taking it. I also didn't see any difference in muscle side or strength and some days I was really moody (Animal Stak: Get Jacked contains testosterone optimizers).

On the last week of the cycle (14 days after using Animal Stak: Get Jacked) I notice an increase on muscle definition and strength. My friends noticed too. I still like Animal Stak: Hard Gainers better. Animal Stak: Hard Gainers didn't do it for me.

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