Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pre-Workout Supplement: N.O. Xplode Review

N.O. - Xplode Advance Strength.
We all need a workout partner. To get motivated, to push us with that last repetition, to make us go that extra mile. Give N.O. Xplode a try as your workout partner!

N.O. Xplode is a very good pre-workout supplement. It really gets your muscles pumping. Not only that, you will also get more energy and endurance.

The N.O. Xplode 2.48 lbs bottle will give you about 50 servings. That is almost a 2 month supply! The down side is that N.O. Explode Advanced Strength is pricey, at $71.99 the bottle.

The positive side effects of N.O. Xplode are crazy muscle pumps, high energy levels, focus and more endurance. The negative side effects are jitters, higher heart beats, occasionally stronger heart beats and sometimes an upset stomach.

As for the flavor, N.O. Xplode taste just as the frozen Minute Maid orange concentrate. You will love it, if you like oranges.

N.O. Xplode Advanced Strength is a really powerful pre-workout supplement. I would recommend N.O. Xplode to my friends, but I will also warn them about the negative side effects. This bodybuilding product is really strong.


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