Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pre-workout Super Pump Max Review

Super Pump Max from Gaspari Nutrition.
I am always in search for the best pre-workout, bodybuilding and post-workout supplements. I thought I had found my favorite pre-workout supplement: MP Assault. But there is no other workout supplement compared to SuperPump Max from Gaspari Nutrition!

SuperPump Max "The Ultimate Pre-workout Supplement Experience" as the bottle says, really delivers. You can start feeling its power 10 -15 minutes after drinking it. I prefer drinking about 75% first and the other 25% on sip throughout my workout.

SuperPump Max will give you super crazy pumps, pump everyone will notice. Thanks to its Nitric OxiEndurance complex content. I also notice a boost of energy while taking SuperPump Max.

I just like everything about SuperPump Max, its orange flavor taste great and the powder dissolves very quick, a few shakes and is ready to drink.

I don't just recommend you SuperPump Max as your pre-workout supplement, I urge you try it! You will not be disappointed.

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