Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Protein Juice Smoothie: Naked- Protein Zone Review

Naked Beverages are becoming popular in the U.S.A. My favorite Naked Beverage: Protein Zone. It is an alternative to the typical protein shakes.

The Naked: Protein Zone 15.2 oz. bottle contain 30g of protein. You can swap your typical protein shake for a Naked: Protein Zone bottle.

As far as the flavor goes Naked: Protein Zone taste like real fruit. The most pronounce flavors in this protein beverage are coconut, and orange with a little of pineapple. Just make sure you shake the bottle good before drinking because it tents to settle at the bottom.

Since Naked: Protein Juice Smoothie is made from natural fruits is easily digested. So do not forget to grab a bottle next time you are done with your workout. Protein is essential to build and maintain muscle.

1 comment:

  1. I was starving on the way to work today so I stopped and grabbed one. I shook it really hard for over a minute before drinking. I must say I was not impressed. It is very grainy and has a funny aftertaste. I would much rather make my own smoothies. Not to mention this one bottle is 440 calories!! I can make a fresh fruit smoothie at home with my bullet that tastes much better, is half the calories and way cheaper (Naked cost $3.29). I really wanted to like it as it could be a quickie solution but I could only choke down 1/3 of the bottle so now I have wasted money too. Bummer.