Thursday, September 20, 2012

EAS Soy Protein Review.

EAS Soy Protein (post workout).
EAS Soy Protein: Get Lean & Toned, an alternative to Whey Protein a.nd cheaper. Another great product by EAS. With the Whey Protein bottles getting more expensive everyday, I decided to give Soy Protein a try.

EAS Soy Protein vanilla is delicious and mix very easy. Each serving (1 scoop) has 20g of protein.
EAS Soy Protein: Get Lean & Toned is targeted to people that are trying to lose weight  as its label say it contains high-quality vegetarian protein to nourish muscles and help manage hunger. But it can also be use to build muscle.

I will keep this post updated and let you know about my experience using EAS Soy Protein to build muscle..

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