Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post-Workout Protein Powder: EAS Recovery Protein (Revigor)

As I mention on my: Diets and Nutrition page, food is as important as our workouts. I consider bodybuilding supplements as food, because it feeds the body and helps it rebuild muscle just as food do. It is important to choose the right supplements (like Protein powder) to help speed up the muscle recovery and muscle building process.

In my personal experience I think EAS Recovery Protein (Revigor) is a very good and improved protein powder and way better than the popular Muscle Milk.

Take EAS Recovery Protein: Revigor right after you are done with your workout and you will get a boost of sustained energy, avoiding muscle catabolism. I actually see an improvement on muscle mass, just in a week of using it!

EAS Recovery Protein: Revigor is easy on your stomach and you will not experience the classic "bloated belly" some protein powders give you, like muscle milk.

If you buy the 1.8 LB you will get 11 Serving Per Container: $2 dollars per serving...not bad.

I am done with my first bottle of EAS Recovery Protein: Revigor and will definite get a second one.


  1. It works by recovering the muscles after working out. Delivering the nutrients the muscle needs to grow and recover. I do feel a difference when I take it. I also don't get sore muscles with EAS Muscle recovery.

  2. Your post-workout protein shakes wants to be easy to drink without requiring a important amount of time. You can buy ready-to-drink protein shakes or you can simply put in a scoop of protein powder to water or fruit juice for a home-based shake. You can also merge a protein shake with yogurt and fresh fruit for a breakfast following an early sunrise workout.
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  3. EAS Recovery Protein is A More Complete Recovery Solution Than 100% Whey ... for REVIGOR HMB to be available to muscles immediately post-workout.

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